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Dana Ross Woodwork




The foundations of my skill as a wood sculptor are the decades I spent as a carpenter, cabinetmaker, and furniture maker.

I grew up in rural New Hampshire surrounded by a spirit of self-sufficiency and left school with an understanding of art history. I turned to carpentry because I enjoyed working with my hands.

I traveled North America and ended up on Point Roberts, a peninsula of US territory that hangs down from western Canada below the 49th parallel. There, as an informal apprentice to a carpenter, I learned to build a house from the ground up. While in the Pacific Northwest I was also influenced by Northwest Coast Indian art and have often used a semi-angular curve in my designs. 

I went to New York City, where I learned state-of-the-craft techniques in a custom cabinet shop, and enjoyed being surrounded by contemporary styles from all over the world.

A search for compatible weather brought me south to Atlanta where for the last 20 years I’ve built many projects, including Buckhead penthouses and music recording studios.

All along the way I’ve kept an interest in wood as a creative medium at the leading edge of design, whether in fine woodwork, cabinetry, or furniture. When I think of woodworking, I think of joinery and other techniques that are suited to wood’s chemical and physical characteristics. The result has been constant experimentation and the taking on of challenging projects with an eye to innovative solutions.

I have always made occasional art pieces, both furniture and sculpture. Some sculpture designs sprang from accidental juxtapositions of wood in my studio. Others were more carefully planned.

Several years ago, I began creating art pieces more frequently.